"Lasts Word on the Stars"

Steve Last


16 Celsius is 61 Fahrenheit

28 Celsius is 82 Fahrenheit

by now you figured out to just invert the numbers

Just Remember 16 and 28


find the closest Celsius and double the difference

find the closest Fahrenheit and half the difference


14 Celsius is 2 less than 16, and doubled is 4 -61 or 57 Fahrenheit

18 Celsius is 2 more than 16, and doubled is 4+61 or 65 Farenheit

27Celsius is 1 less than 28, and doubled is 2-82 or 80 Fahrenheit

32 Celsius is 4 more than 28, and doubled is 8+82 or 90 Fahrenheit


This works perfect for all thermostats

anywhere in the world either C or F


Its perfect outdoor temperature for most of California,Oregon, Washington,Florida,Hawaii

If you live in a colder or hotter climate, MOVE

Lasts Word on the stars




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