Editor "Lasts Word on the Stars"

Author Lasts constants and General Law

Substitution method for calculating timings of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Naked eye sighting of Russian spy satellite during mid day observation session of Venus

Formulated Last Class of near Earth Asteroids

Technical Advisor Eclipse Cruise 91 aboard the Jubilee off of Baja Mexico. 6 min 43 sec clear skies. Gains 3 seconds by moving in direction of Moon's shadow.

Annular Eclipse 92, had the only vessel on the centerline, 100 miles off of San Diego. Only pictures from 1992 with a round Sun. Sun above the TRUE horizon.

Technical Advisor Eclipse Cruise 94 and led South America land based tour. Gained 23 seconds being on centerline but lost 15 seconds to clouds. Only seconds lost to clouds in 5 attempts.

Technical Advisor Eclipse Cruise 95 off of Vietnam. Success.

Technical Advisor Eclipse Cruise 98, worked for both Holland America and Carnival Responsible for placing 3 ships in area. 3 Min 43 Sec clear skies for all 3 ships.

Technical Advisor Eclipse Cruise 99 aboard the brand new Norwegian Sky. Responsible for rendezvous with SS Norway. 1 Min 55 Sec Visable Totality. Roberta and Steve passes 1000 seconds of totality.